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Big Fat Turkey

“My favorite story. We're on a traffic stop. My partner walks up to a station wagon (this was a while ago, they still made them....new) filled with a family obviously on a vacation.(Note: My partner was a little heavy at the time.) He starts cracking up as soon as he gets to the window. After coming back to the car, still laughing, I couldn't stand it any longer. "What the heck?" I asked. Partner says, "As I walked up, the little kid in the back seat says real loud 'That's not a big fat turkey, daddy. That's a policeman!' "”
submitted 10.17.07

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Nothing like graves....

Working a slow graveyard shift up in the mountains. I stopped a car where I thought the occupant may have been in possession of a gun. So I called for another deputy. Soon after, I heard my partner answer up on the radio and began to respond. Well, he just around the corner from me when I heard him on the radio say, " I copy, show me enroute, ahh F*ck!!!!" and then dead silence over the radio. My heart stopped and all I could do is guess and speculate what could have possibly happened to him. A ...


I pulled over a little silver car about a month ago. The girl gave me her license and registration and proof of insurance. She told me that i was HOTT and i said thanks. i asked her if she had had anything to drink tonight she said yes i said what she said that she had 2 long neck orange crushes i asked her what that was she said soda. i pull her out of the car when i asked her if i could search her car for weapons and drugs. i called for some much needed assistance when an unnecessary tap on m ...

Dumb guy arrested twice for DUI in 1 night

I work in a pretty busy county for the Sheriff's Office. as well as given a later day to appear in court. cHowever due to oe His vehicle was impounded since it is our standard procedure.er ounties with a lot of crime, our county jail faces over crowding and often times the crimminals lodged get released early. We work 12 hr shifts and I work on the weekend night shift from 6pm to 6am. So one busy Saturday night around 11 pm one of our deputies stopped a guy that was driving crazy and ended ...

Clowning around

On a sunday afternoon I was dispatched to a residential area for a report of a disturbance in which someone was beating the windows out of a vehicle. As I arrived I saw what looked like Ronald Mcdonald slinging a louisville slugger on a vehicle in this driveway. I mean red hair, blue nose, makeup and size 42 shoes. When "Ronald" saw my unit he dropped the bat and began to run. I got out of my unit and looked around like it was a joke, thinking I was being punked. I soon realized by the loo ...


From: http://www.radiantfury.com There are times I see something that will trigger a memory from years past. It falls on me like a ton of bricks, and brings me back to that time and place. I guess the worst part of it, is that it happens when I least expect it. I zone out to the world around me, and in my mind, relive what I had done before. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t lose sleep over any of this, and I function just fine in public, in relationships, and so on. I actually find it comical mos ...
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